Whenever I come across a recipe that offers a homemade version of some store bought staple that I use everyday, it goes into my cook book with a special mark.

These homemade pork sausages are one of these recipes. Homemade version always has a few advantages. First, it’s practically always cheaper. Second, you actually know exactly what’s in there.

And well, as far as taste goes, homemade products are often much more delicious, this pork sausage is no exception. 

You can even make your own ground pork and regulate how lean you want your sausage to be. if you put little fat in it, it will be lean, but it will also be a bit dryer. Still tasty though, so it’s completely up to you.

Off the shelf ground pork is usually on the fatter side, so if you use it, your sausage will turn out pretty juicy. 

The method to cooking is very simple. You mix the ground pork and all the spices in bowl with your hands and fry it. As easy as that. These sausages are delicious if you make them a part of your breakfast. If you want to surprize your dears and nears on a Sunday morning, serve those puppies with omelette and pancakes for breakfast, and you will be in for a glorious day.

I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as I do!