This shrimp pizza recipe is a unique and delicious way to enjoy everybody’s favorite Italian dish. Soft and chewy pizza crust is topped with cocktail shrimp tossed in a special sauce and fresh salad greens, this dish is definitely not your ordinary tomato sauce/ mozzarella cheese pizza.

It will definitely excite your taste buds in a new way. This type of pizza is very popular in Italy. The sauce coating the cooked shrimp is a simple combination of mayo and ketchup and is called salsa Rosa. It might seem unusual but it just works when paired with succulent shrimp, vibrant greens and soft pizza dough.

At first I was not sure about this very peculiar pizza but once I have tried it, I was pleasantly surprised how nicely balanced all the flavors were.

To make the pizza is effortless and fuss free. I use a store bought dough as a convenient shortcut. Simply roll it out to form a circle and bake the dough. Toss shrimp in salsa Rosa, spread a little more mayo on top of the dough, add generous serving of lettuce and top with the shrimp mixture. Cut and serve.

Expand your pizza horizons with this delicious recipe. It is very different from your regular pizza but trust me it works. All the flavors work harmoniously together to create this Italian culinary delight.