If you are a fan of dumplings like me you are gonna love this easy shrimp shu mai recipe. Thin and delicate wonton wrappers are pleated around thick and flavorful shrimp filling, creating delicious, one bite mouthfuls of shrimp dumplings.

The filling for the dumplings comes together easily in a food processor with just a handful of ingredients. And making the dumplings using the wonton wrappers is a very satisfying and calming experience. The easy made dumplings are then steamed in a bamboo steamer for the best results.

I have tried these shrimp Shumai in the restaurants so many times but there is something magical and special about making them at home.

They look like cute little string purses when ready and I find it to be so much fun and almost zen like making them from scratch. Plus you can easily adjust the ingredients when you make them yourself.

I do recommend using a special bamboo steamer for preparing the dumplings. It is very convenient and only takes about 8 minutes for them to cook. They make a delicious appetizer and I love dipping them into a simple soy sauce. The filling is luscious and abundant in flavor. Shrimp mixture is enlivened by aromatics like ginger and scallions with an exuberant soy sauce and sesame oil.

Making your favorite take out food at home is very easy with this fuss free and effortless recipe. Follow simple instructions bellow for the best shrimp shumai.