I haven’t tried this potato pizza until well into my adult life. I don’t even know why. My parents liked a different kind of pizza, our takeaway didn’t have this on the menu and I was jut pretty much used to not eating it. And then I met a friend in college who comes from an Italian family, and we spent a couple of vacations at each others’ home.

The first time I tried this potato pizza was at my friends house, and I was just stricken at how delicious it is and why I have never eaten it before. They shared their recipe willingly and I’m cooking it ever since.

The basic variant is pretty, well, basic. Take your pizza dough, home-made or store-bought, slice a potato, take a few sprigs of rosemary, throw on top of each other, bake, profit. Pretty simple, rather on the lean side, with no white sauce or cheese and just a sprinkle of olive oil.

If that seems too simple, you can add mozzarella, bacon or sausage, minced meat, fresh basil. I would not recommend using regular red pizza sauce as a base as it just doesn’t go well with potatoes. If you’re using more ingredients than just potatoes, it’s also great to grate them instead of just slicing thin because this way they will cook much better and will form a lovely baked crust together with cheese.

Just follow the simple instructions below for this lovely pizza and I hope you enjoy it!