For all of the hot sandwich lovers out there I am sharing this copycat Costco chicken bake today. Scrumptious chicken pieces mixed together with pieces of savory bacon and creamy Caesar dressing, wrapped stromboli style in pizza dough. This hot pizza dough sandwich is so much better homemade then from the store, where it sits under the heat lamp for hours.

The dough is soft and crispy and serves as a perfect holding pocket for delicious, tender pieces of chicken tossed with crispy bacon bits and dressing, and oozing out melty Italian cheese when you bite into it.

The chicken bake is very easy to make. We are taking a couple of convenient shortcuts here with store bought ingredients instead of making them from scratch at home. You can pick and choose from whatever is easier for you.

In this roll and bake sandwich I use store bough dough and dressing. But instead of rotisserie chicken that can pack sodium I sauté chicken breasts and chop them up. Same goes for the bacon. I like bigger pieces over tiny bits that get lost in chunks of chicken mixed with dressing and cheese. So I use thick cut bacon and crisp it on the same pan that I use for chicken.

Creamy Caesar dressing is added on the inside and outside of the pizza pocket, turning it beautiful golden brown while it bakes. Follow the simple steps below to make the Costco chicken bake recipe.