So, you want something as a side dish for your chicken or steak, you feel like sweet potatoes, but absolutely don’t want to wait an hour till they get baked in your oven. Or, you simply don’t want to heat up your oven, because you’re cooking for yourself only and one sweet potato is all you want. That’s understandable.

Luckily, there’s a quick way to cooking sweet potatoes, and its microwave. They will be just as good as your baked variety, but all it will take is just 5-7 minutes of your time. What’s not to love?

Cooking sweet potatoes in a microwave is really simple. There are just a few tips and tricks to it. When you’re cooking sweet potatoes in an oven, most of the time you use foil and make lacerations along the entire body of your sweet potatoes.

With microwaving, you’ll have to use a covered bowl suitable for using in a microwave. And you’ll have to poke your sweet potato with a knife at all sides, not just at the side that will be ‘up’.

Another thing you’ll have to do is turn your sweet potato at least once to ensure it cooks evenly enough.
After you’re all don, make a large cut along the length of the potato and serve it with butter or sour cream. A perfect and quick side dish or a simple and enjoyable lunch or snack! Wanna know how to cook a sweet potato in the microwave? Here is the recipe!