If you are a huge fan of buffalo chicken like me you will absolutely love this buffalo chicken pizza recipe. I make buffalo chicken everything, salads, wraps, dips and of coarse I had to make the pizza. The flavor combinations are phenomenal. Ranch flavor infused cream cheese serves as a creamy sauce spread on a homemade pizza dough and topped with mozzarella cheese and chicken tossed in buffalo sauce. It is then baked in the oven and drizzled with even more ranch dressing before serving.

This delicious pizza is an ultimate bar/pub food but made in the comfort of your own house. I love making it for the Sunday games and everyone’s goes crazy over it. Great alternative for buffalo chicken wings.

The made from scratch pizza dough is soft and flavorful, whole milk mozzarella is ooey gooey melty, tender chicken is coated in spicy, buffalo sauce, all the ingredients work wonderful and harmoniously together to create this delicious pizza. I really love using melted cream cheese as a sauce for the pizza rather then béchamel. It works better in combination with buffalo chicken with creaminess balancing out the spiciness.

I like to keep it quick and easy so I am just using store-bought ranch dressing for the drizzle. Ranch dressing and buffalo chicken is an unbeatable combination. Its tangy and creamy and just pairs perfectly with savory, spicy chicken.

To make the pizza is a breeze and as a quick shortcut you can use store-bough pizza dough as well. Follow the simple instructions below for this mouthwatering pizza.