Holiday season is upon us and I’ve started thinking what to make for my holiday table. I really want to use traditional ingredients and products, but to introduce some kind of a twist to them or use them in unusual combinations or shapes.

This sweet potato souffle fills the requirements real nice. It’s a versatile dish, sweet enough to be a dessert, if you want to serve it so, and not overly sweet so that you can serve it as a side dish for your main courses during holidays.

It’s pretty easy to make, too, and with it’s lovely bright orange coloring and an abundance of pecans scattered on top, it’s also amazing to look at. I’m betting it will be a highlight of my holiday dinner menu.

I really love the fact that it’s not that sweet, so first of all, I’m not using any crust not to make it a pie. Although, making it into a pie is an excellent idea. This recipe calls for brown sugar to be mixed with the potatoes, and I think this almost makes it a dessert, but you can actually skip the sugar. Sweet potatoes have enough their own sweetness as they are. I’ve tried it both ways and both work just fine.

Just follow the simple steps below to create this lovely dish and I hope you enjoy it during holiday season!