Boiling potatoes is probably the simplest way to cook them, and we use it for many recipes such as salads or sandwiches. But serving boiled potatoes as a stand-alone dish? Actually not only possible, but a delicious dinner side dish option. Boiled potato recipe is one of my regular quick recipes.

This is a simple and great alternative to cold potato salads and huge baked potatoes, if you’re looking for something new in a potato department.

The cooking of boiled red potatoes is really simple, all you need is five pantry staple ingredients. I would recommend using red baby potatoes for boiling, not only because they cook fast, but also because with their red skin, they will look highly decorative and create a lovely contrast with fresh parsley.

You can also add some other seasonings to boiled potatoes recipe if it’s needed.

Another great fresh herb that goes so very well with potatoes is dill, it adds such a lovely flavor. Combined with butter and freshly ground pepper, the potatoes are mouth-watering.

One other thing I tried with this recipe – after boiling the potatoes, I don’t just simply toss them with butter and herbs, I actually give them a little searing on my frying pan. They get a lovely golden crust and I pretend they are home fries, or even better than home fries.

Follow the simple steps below to cook this wonderful side dish and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!