Panini sandwiches are becoming ever more popular. I’ve seen them on the menu in probably every single coffee shop around the places I’ve been too, and justly so. Panini bread has a lovely thin texture and neutral taste and can be grilled to perfection.

All this makes panini bread absolutely perfect for simple, delicious sandwiches. Almost any filling can be used, mostly served hot, as the sandwich is traditionally grilled. Stick a hamburger steak, some veggies, sauce and melted cheese inside, and you’ll have a perfect alternative of the good old hamburger on a regular bun.

Baking panini bread is pretty simple as well, and you can easily make paninis at home, because those hipster coffee shops tend to get pricey at best.

The recipe is as simple and fail-proof as it gets, and if you don’t own a panini sandwich maker, you can use a regular grill or even a skillet for later grilling. It requires only a few ingredients all of which are pantry staples.

After you bake the bread, you can stuff the sandwiches with anything you like. I love this homemade panini bread with fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, fresh basil leaves and a dash of balsamic vinegar. Arugula, Swiss cheese, mayo and roast beef is another perfect option.

Just follow the simple steps below to bake this panini bread and I hope you enjoy it!