Save your time, and money and a trip to a chick- fil- A and make these fluffy, flaky breakfast chicken biscuits at home with only wholesome ingredients.

I love breakfast sandwiches, but not a big fan of fast food restaurants.  Everything is loaded with preservatives and additives. The list of the ingredients is just crazy with hard to pronounce ingredients that I do not even know what they are.

Not this healthy, made from scratch, delicious breakfast chicken sandwich. Chicken is marinated in buttermilk and pickle juice and then dipped into a mixture of whole wheat flour and spices and  slightly sautéed till golden brown. Pickle juice might seem weird, but it really adds a great, savory flavor to the chicken. Chicken meat is delicately tasting and pickle juice really amps up the taste.

Homemade biscuits are fantastic. Made with a combination of whole wheat pastry flour and all purpose flour they are on a healthier side but still very fluffy, flaky and buttery, melt in your mouth soft and pair perfectly with savory chicken.

This dish is a treat, I do not get to make it often because it is a labor of love. You need to marinate the chicken, make the dough for the biscuits, bake the biscuits, fry the chicken. But in the end it is worth every minute spent in the kitchen because the end result is the best breakfast chicken sandwich.

Follow the steps below to make chicken biscuits.