Spice up your game day eats with these fuss free, flavorful and delicious buffalo chicken sandwiches. Made with the convenience of the slow cooker they basically cook themselves while you can enjoy watching your favorite team win.

Chicken breasts are slow cooked in a crock pot together with buffalo sauce and ranch seasoning, shredded and served on toasted buns together with melted cheese. Everyone loves these mouthwatering sandwiches. Bursting with buffalo sauce flavors they are filling and really tasty.

To make the sandwiches is such a breeze as well. Aside from placing the ingredients inside the slow cooker and later turning on the broiler there is hardly anything to do.

Serve the spicy sandwiches with ranch or blue cheese dressing over the bun and melty cheddar cheese. A quick side of carrots and celery sticks also works great.

This sandwich is a great alternative to buffalo chicken wings and made with just a fraction of the effort. I like to serve shredded buffalo chicken on top of hamburger buns that have been toasted under the broiler. Bread soaks in all of the delicious, buttery, spicy sauce drippings, creating a perfect base to hold the meat.

These sandwiches are always a huge hit with adults and kids. They are a regular at my house during the football season. Follow the instructions below to make buffalo chicken sandwiches.