Braising is a simple combination cooking technique where the meat is first browned or seared at a high temperature, then finished in a covered pot at a lower temperature in a sauce. The combination is about using both dry and wet heats to make the meat tender, fall of the bone and extra flavorful.

And it is super easy to produce restaurant worthy results from the home oven as long as you follow four simple, universal steps and have the patience to wait as the braise fills your house with the most tantalizing and taunting aroma.

This braised chicken recipe is foolproof and rustic. The chicken is melt in your mouth tender, delicious and comes with a robust vegetables and sauce. It is almost impossible the mess the braised chicken up. It is always exceptionally tasty with the most tender texture.

You will need a cast iron braiser for the best results, it cooks evenly from the bottom to the top and releases just a right amount of steam.

The essential four steps of braising is browning the chicken and vegetables, deglazing the pan and using the fond from chicken and vegetables as a flavor builder. Then creating roux for even more nutty flavor and finally braising the meat and veggies in the oven for a significant amount of time.

With this recipe get ready to hear oohs and aahs from a table full of friends and family when they dig into the braised chicken. Follow the detailed recipe to create this culinary masterpiece.