Pan searing chicken is the perfect method if you are looking for a crispy, delicious, beautiful golden brown crust on the outside. With minimal cooking time and no extensive prep involved, the technique is super quick and easy.

The key steps is to paper towel dry the chicken and then dredge chicken breasts in all purpose unbleached flour infused with aromatic seasonings. The seasoning mix in this recipe is pretty basic but gives the chicken nice touch of flavor.

Flour is one of the best coatings for searing chicken. It always guarantees nice and smooth coating, beautiful color and crispy crust.

Getting a seared chicken breast that is tender and juicy was always tricky for me until I came across this method. This no-fail technique is amazing. Chicken breasts come out perfect every single time. They are moist and delicious. This method is basic and foolproof.

The 3 quintessential things that you need to do in order to get the best results are: High heat, thin pieces of chicken and searing covered without disturbing the chicken and only turning them once. Do not remove the lid and peek. This is an important step to keeping all the moisture in.

You can also pound the chicken with meat tenderizer to flatten out the pieces and even out the thickness. It will help with cooking the chicken breasts more even and keep them from drying out.

This recipe is a plain canvas of flavor. You can make your chicken as bare or as intricate as you wish. Add herbs and seasonings for a more complex flavor. Follow the steps below to make best seared chicken.