I am in love with the convenience of the instant pot, completely addicted. Everything cooks in half the time and the instant pot technique is absolutely effortless and fuss free.

This barbecue chicken is a true crowd pleaser. Everyone loves it, kids and adults alike. It pairs great with anything from vegetables to coleslaw to rice. Wonderful idea for a cook out, very inexpensive and easy to make but is a powerhouse of flavors.

Using a pressure cooker is time saving and I rarely cook my chicken any other way. Chicken comes out moist and tender, never overcooked or weird textured. This instant pot cooked chicken have been a life saver so many times during busy week nights.

For this recipe I use bone in chicken thighs and drumsticks, and enliven the flavors of the chicken with a rub and barbecue sauce. Chicken meat is mildly and delicately tasting and pairs beautifully with bold and flavorful barbecue sauce. Every bite of this chicken is bursting with barbecue flavor.

Give your chicken thighs and drumsticks a generous rub in dries herbs, quickly brown them right in the instant pot and just under 30 minutes you are guaranteed to have perfectly cooked, flavorful chicken thighs. Then baste them in barbecue sauce and grill or place under the broiler for 4 minutes for the skin to crisp up and the sauce becoming a thick, lusciously sweet glaze on the outside.

It doesn’t get any more convenient than that. Once you master cooking in an instant pot you may never go back. I love how quick instant pot cooks the chicken especially when you are in a rush. Follow the steps below to make instant pot bbq chicken.