If you are like me and hate throwing away food then this amazing kitchen hack is right up your alley. Reheating fried chicken, so that the skin is still crispy and the chicken is not dry can be a challenge. You do not wanna end up with soggy chicken neither do you wanna and up with dried out, inedible chicken. So what is the trick? I’ve got you covered.

Making fried chicken at home is always a hustle. So I usually just grab a basket at my grocery store or get it from a take out restaurant. Needless to say there is always leftovers. And I feel terrible just tossing them away. But once, I simply threw them in a freezer bag and placed in my freezer. That is how the best reheating method was discovered.

I found that the chicken is best when reheated from frozen rather then from refrigerated. I started it lower at 350 degrees F until it was heated through for about 25-30 minutes. Then I increased the oven to 400 degrees to crisp up the skin for about 10-15 minutes.

It worked like a charm. Chicken was perfectly crispy and fresh, not dry at all and we enjoyed our leftover chicken. This technique works all the time, chicken comes out crispy and perfect guaranteed. You will never have to waste fried chicken again with this easy, fuss free reheating method. Follow the steps below on how to reheat the fried chicken.