I love this easy traditional chicken pot pie recipe. Creamy chicken and vegetable filling is covered with a blanket of fluffy, buttery puff pastry. It comes out of the oven baked, with a perfectly flaky, crispy golden crust, emitting the most tantalizing and appetizing smell and it is so hard, not to get a huge spoonful of the pot pie in your mouth immediately, and have to wait for it to cool off.

The filling for the pie is heavenly. Chicken is first poached in milk and chicken stock infused with thyme. The chicken is shredded and the chicken flavor infused poaching liquid is reserved to become the base for the creamy filling.

Parmesan adds rather an umami element than cheesiness to the filling. Just a beautiful savory taste with more depth and complexity.

I like to use classic carrots, celery and peas as my vegetables for the chicken pot pie. The creamy filling is thickened to desired consistency, placed in pots and covered with a lid of comforting puff pastry. To make this chicken pot pie is a breeze. This recipe is absolutely solid and the pies come put perfect every single time.

Chicken pot pie is an ultimate comfort food, like a warm hug in a pot. Cozy and nourishing it is also a complete meal filled to the brim with protein rich chicken breast and colorful veggies. Everyone loves chicken pot pie, kids and adults. You can never go wrong with this delicious dish.

Follow the detailed steps below to make the best chicken pot pie.