Salmon is great for sandwiches. If you want something high-end, smoked salmon on a bagel with veggies and a creamy spread is what you’d think of, but this is not the only way to make excellent salmon sandwiches that would look pretty impressive and won’t cost so much.

These salmon sandwiches are a great multifunctional dish. You can make small ones as part of a sandwich set for a party, you can serve them as hors d’oeuvres, or you can make a bunch for breakfast.

To make this meal healthy and packing a good nutrient punch, use fresh cucumbers, light mayo and whole grain bread. I especially love making those sandwiches with any kind of homemade grainy and veggie bread.

I recommend picking cucumbers that aren’t overly juicy. The long smooth kind does fine, so do tiny pickle-like cukes. If your cuke is too juicy, the salmon mixture may turn out too runny and the bread will quickly become soggy.

I also really like making those on toast, because toasting the bread somewhat seals it and it won’t absorb too much liquid from the salmon and cuke mixture. This is especially handy when you have a party to go to and the food you bring with you has to sit a while before getting eaten.

I also recommend using good quality sockeye canned salmon for this. Check out the instructions below and enjoy!