Salmon is one of the few foods which appeals to me when I think of eating it raw. Probably because I’m such a huge sushi fan, and raw salmon is essential part of sushi. Northern European cuisine has plenty of recipes that involve raw fish as well, and this is a classic salmon tartare, the way they make it in northern Europe, France and other places.

This salmon tartare is quick and simple to cook, it packs a ton of flavor and nutrients and it’s also so very aesthetically pleasing and light that I think it’s a perfect start of a date night or a romantic candle lit dinner with your significant other.

Because you will be eating raw fish, I strongly recommend that you use the freshest, sushi quality salmon available and purchase it on the very day you intend to cook and eat the tartare. It also won’t keep long, so make sure you serve it almost immediately after you cook it. 

The hardest part of cooking the tartare is, probably, chopping up the salmon fine enough. Salmon meat is very soft and slippery, and using a very sharp sushi knife will help. It’s best not to process it in a kitchen processor, because you’ll end up with a sticky mass. 

Other than that, just follow the instructions below for a healthy, light and delicious starter. I hope you enjoy this recipe!