Pesto sauce is truly a universal garnish and it gives flavor to so many varieties of dishes. I love using pesto for pizzas and pastas, but I think it’s the meat and fish that truly opens the flavors of pesto.

This salmon pesto is a great way to cook salmon and it’s a dinner that will be on your table in less than half an hour.

I love pesto sauce so much, that I grow basil in my garden specifically for the reason of making loads and loads of homemade pesto. But canned variety is absolutely great for this recipe as well.

The truth is, you can use just pesto alone. Simply lather your salmon filets with pesto and bake. But if you want a delicious golden crust to go with your pesto salmon, add some breadcrumbs and cheese. Besides, these will prevent your salmon from overdrying, which is often an issue with salmon. It just cooks too quickly.

Bear in mind, that the readiness temperature for salmon is 135F. When it’s ready, it turns light pink and becomes a little flaky. 

This dish is great with steamed veggies, rice or a tossed garden salad, but you can serve it with any side dish of your choice. 

I hope you enjoy this lovely pesto salmon as much as I do!