Many people think that the process of making sushi and rolls is long and hard enough and they should learn it for ages. But that is not the truth. It is quite possible to cook rolls at home and this recipe is the proof. Here is one of the easiest recipes of avocado rolls!


If you like avocado and sushi, these rolls are made for you. Creamy avocado and crispy cucumber under sushi rice and nori create an amazing combination of tastes, flavors and textures. And one of the most pleasant things in these rolls is that they are vegan friendly and gluten-free so they will be perfect for any diet!

The hardest part in this recipe is the rolling technique. It really needs some tools and skills. But everything else is so simple! So if you have enough patience and want to learn something new, this dish recipe is for you.

This avocado roll recipe is perfect for beginners to train on. After you learn the rolling technique you can make any favorite sushi at home in no time!

Made with a few basic ingredients, the avocado roll tastes incredible! Do not let the short ingredients list fool you, they are really amazing. These avocado rolls can easily become a perfect appetizer on your party or a great family dinner everyone would like. Keep an eye, they disappear from the plate in an instant.

You can easily improve this recipe by adding any other veggies instead of avocado and cucumber or adding seafood like shrimp, salmon etc. Turn on your imagination and have fun with these avocado rolls!