For all the avocado lovers out there! This quick and easy to make sauce can break your heart. It is creamy, refreshing and spicy. This avocado sauce recipe is one of my favorites when I want something special on my table but don’t have much time to cook.

Made with fresh avocado, sour cream, lemon or lime juice, minced garlic, olive oil and spices and herbs, this avocado sauce will be a perfect complement for any dish. An addition, it is so easy to make! All you need is just to chop the entire ingredients and put them into the blender.

And what I like the most in this recipe is that it doesn’t take much time to cook. Just in 5 minutes you can make a perfect sauce for your favorite dishes and spend your spared time on more pleasant cases. It goes well as a dipping sauce with grilled meat or seafood, crackers, chips, veggies or just anything else.

This avocado sauce is an ultimate comfort dish. It is full of vitamins and nutrients while it has low calories – only 83 kcal for 100g. So it is simply perfect for the light breakfast or dinner.

The sauce can be served immediately after cooking but I recommend keeping it in a fridge for a couple of hours so all the flavors are combined. By the way, you can keep it in the refrigerator for three days and it will still be the same perfect. Good luck with this recipe, I hope you like it!