Avocado is an amazing fruit. It has such a mild taste with creamy notes that it is suitable for preparing just any dishes from elegant avocado soup to simple sandwiches. These avocado sandwiches have a unique taste and look so appetizing on a plate. And they are so simple to make that you can cook them for a quick but nutritious breakfast or as a go-to snack.

This healthy avocado sandwich recipe is one of my favorites. It can be one of the best quick but satisfying vegetarian or even vegan lunch. Buttery avocado, juicy tomato, Bree cheese, a splash of balsamic vinegar all between the whole wheat bread slices. What can be better than that? I also like to mix avocado with a little salt and lime juice. With this simple step it tastes so much better.

In this recipe we are using just a half of avocado and tomato, so you can make guacamole with the other half.

And the best part in the sandwich recipe is that I can change it depending on my mood. My favorite way to improve this recipe is to add some shrimp or salmon to the sandwich, it really tastes soo good with the creamy avocado. But you can add anything you want! So experiment with this dish and let me know if you like it!