This quick and simple salmon soup is made with just a handful of common ingredients and canned salmon. It requires little prep time and cooking and packs quite a bit of flavor. An excellent comfort fix on a cold day or when you’re under the weather.

There are, of course many soups to choose from, depending on what you need. But sometimes it’s just good to have a quick, creamy and hearty soup without putting much effort into it and still make it a little different.

I usually cook this salmon soup when I’m feeling sick or just down and I don’t have energy for anything much. Its biggest advantages when compared to, say, the classic option of chicken soup, is that it can be cooked much quicker.  And it’s a big step above packaged ramen which many of use go for when we need a warm, quick soup fix.

The ingredients are extra few, seriously, you won’t need anything else but this short list. Salmon alone offers enough flavor, and combined with a regular creamy base and onions, all you need is a bit of black pepper and parsley. Dill, if you like it better instead of parsley. 

Serve this soup with toast, warm bread or a grilled cheese sandwich and you’ll have a comfort meal that will warm you throughout and keep you afloat on a day that hasn’t gone too good. Just follow the quick steps below!