There’s something about this scalloped corn casserole that reminds me of big family houses in a wooded area, home-grown vegetables, working in fields, making your own bread and having big dinners where tables are laden with simple yet delicious food.

Made with buttery egg base and crushed crackers, this scalloped corn is a great side dish, suitable for a celebration table or a family dinner. It’s creamy, filling and bursting with flavors and usually is one of those dishes that are loved by everyone and seldom have any leftovers.

The making is very easy. You can use fresh corn kernels or frozen ones or even canned sweet corn. I personally don’t have any preference, all these three options are pretty good. As for crackers, you can use saltines or ritz crackers. Panko breadcrumbs also do pretty well.

The making is very simple, you basically just mix everything together, pour into a casserole dish and bake it. If you want some extras, ingredients that go well with this casserole are mozzarella cheese, either fresh or regular, sun dried tomatoes, finely chopped, smoked ham or bacon, sweet peas and other kinds of cheese.

Serve this as a side dish, a quick lunch or as a part of a holiday meal. This dish is a proven kid favorite, by the way! I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as I do.