This corn souffle is a dish that is more like a dessert. If you don’t really feel like a traditional cake or pie and want something that is sort of sweet, but also savory, this is a great option.

It doesn’t contain a lot of sugar, but it does have a lot of sweetness because of natural sweetness of the corn. Combined with milk, eggs and sugar, it becomes a dessert with delicate texture and exquisite taste.

You may be surprised that the recipe doesn’t require a single taste enhancement, not even a dash of vanilla. The fact is, corn and creamed corn is pretty much enough and the flavor they create together is very intense, creamy and delicious.

To make this even smoother, you can add a bit of melted butter or use whole milk or cream. I also like sprinkling a bit of flour and sugar mix on top because it creates a lovely golden crust and adds a delicious crispy topping to the casserole.

Serve it as a dessert or as a main dish, personally, I love making this Corn Souffle for big family celebrations, when tables abound in savory dishes and there are always people who want something sweet with their turkey or steak. It’s also perfect for cookouts, potlucks and outside barbecues and provides a welcome change from a variety of potato and pasta based casseroles.

I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as I do!