When I hear salsa, I usually thing tomatoes and hot spicy flavors. But this corn salsa is not spicy at all, yet, it retains so much veggie flavor. Kids usually love corn, especially when it’s the sweet kinds, so this dish is also absolutely bound to go well with the kids. A good opportunity to sneak some fresh veg into their meals.

For this salsa, it’s best to use grilled fresh corn on the cob. Trust me, even if you’re tempted to open a can of sweet corn. The result is absolutely amazing, and your kids will be ever asking you to cook some more of this salsa.

The fresh coriander gives this salsa its awesome unique flavor, so I wouldn’t recommend substituting it for dried stuff or even other herbs. The same goes for olive oil. When so frew ingredients are involved, it’s best to use quality ones, so I usually use good quality extra virgin olive oil. I really like organic kinds that have greenish tint. Their smell and flavor is divine and they really boost up the taste of such dishes as this salsa. 

As for tomatoes, my favorite variant is to use my own home grown ones, but the season is short, so just use your fave kinds of tomatoes.

Check out the simple instructions below and serve this salsa with tortilla chips for the kids!