This is another amazing recipe for an Indian cuisine culinary delight, chicken lollipops. This delicious Indo-Chinese appetizer is very popular in the restaurants. It looks so pretty and appetizing in the plate. Chicken wings are frenched/carved to resemble a lollipop, marinated in an aromatic, spiced batter and deep fried or baked to perfection.

You can easily pick up the wings, holding by the bone, and enjoy them mess free, dunked in delicious, spicy, dipping sauces.

Making chicken lollipops at home might seem like a daunting task. But they are actually very easy to prepare. The only ever challenging part is, how to properly carve them, to turn chicken wings into mouthwatering lollipops.

To make a chicken lollipop you have to cut the meat loose from one end of a chicken drumette or wingette, give it a nice push so that the loosened meat moves towards the other end of the bone.

To do so, take one drumette. Remove skin with a sharp knife. Then, cut the meat loose from the tip that is not fleshy. Cut any tendons or cartilage and give the loosened meat a good push with the help of your fingers. This will slide the meat all the way towards the fleshy tip. Repeat the same process with the wingettes, just make sure to remove the sharp, skinny bone. One chicken wing makes two yummy lollipops.

Now it looks like a lollipop and is ready to be infused with a fragrant concoction of Indian herbs and spices mixed with yogurt. This recipe is for baked lollipop which is healthier and fuss free. Follow the detailed steps below to make this scrumptious Indian dish.