Spice up your sandwich routine with this amazing spicy chicken sandwich. Buttermilk marinated chicken is fried and served on a fresh brioche bun topped with irresistible creamy homemade slaw, slices of avocado and made from scratch habanero honey mustard sauce.

This is a sandwich masterpiece. It has a perfect balance of sweet, spicy, savory and acidic flavors. Warm, straight out of the pot, indulgent, fried chicken pairs wonderfully with light, colorful, citrusy cabbage slaw and sweet and spicy sauce. Avocados add creaminess and work harmoniously with the rest of the ingredients.

This sandwich is a labor of love, you need to make fried chicken, homemade slaw, sauce, and them assemble it all together. This is a weekend lunch to enjoy with your friends and family and hear all the oohs and aahs of admiration from them. Complement it with a crisp, cold bottle of white wine for an amazing splurge.

I think the cabbage slaw really gives new dimension to the sandwich and enlivens the taste. It is so fresh, delicate and tangy and works great with fried chicken. So definitely do not skip this step.

Yes, this sandwich is a little bit labor intensive but once you take a bite of it, it will be worth every minute spent making it. Follow the detailed steps below to create this delicious sandwich.