This corn nuggets recipe is a great vegetarian finger food, awesome for any party. I like serving deep fried cheese and chicken nuggets, crab patties and the like, but the vegetarian crowd shouldn’t be left out when it comes to fried finger food. The corn nuggets are a great alternative to home fries or french fries.

You can also easily make these corn nuggets vegan, buy substituting dairy milk for any  non-dairy option and using any other vegan binding agent instead of eggs. 

The rest is really about the mixing and frying. I think it’s important no use both creamed corn and whole kernel corn because that’s what creates the texture and creamed corn also helps with the bingind. Besides, it’s also this combination that gives the nuggets their delicious flavor. As you can see, nothing else is added for flavor, aside from salt and pepper, no herbs or spices. This is because the corn is enough to provide a flavor that is pretty intense.

My tip for frying these babies – they are better deep fried, because pan frying them may cause them to fall apart a little. I also don’t recommend frying too many nuggets at once so that they don’t bump into each other. 

Serve them as finger food or snacks with your favorite dips or sauces. I hope you enjoy this recipe!