If you are looking for an unusual appetizer that will be both healthy and delicious, and won’t be too much hassle to do, these baked salmon patties will certainly do the trick.

Made with variety of veggies, with a tang of capers, soft greek yoghurt as a base and delicious salmon, these baked salmon cakes are a great start of any dinner, be it a holiday meal or just a quick snack on a weekend afternoon.

Making these patties is a piece of cake. Celery and bell peppers provide a lovely crunch and a bright spot of color, and breadcrumbs and eggs bind everything together. I recommend using either crumbled dried rustic bread from a local bakery or Panko, because they create the best texture.

When cooking the salmon for the patties, you can either do it on a skillet, or bake the filets, whichever is more convenient for you. Make sure you don’t overdo it, or it will be too dry. Well-done salmon is pink and a little flaky, and the readiness temperature for salmon is lower than that for meat and chicken, about 135F.

Serve these with a dip of your choice. I absolutely love having them with avocado and cream cheese or with guaq. Other than that, just see the simple instructions below to cook these delicious patties and I hope you enjoy it!