If you are looking for appetizers, hors d’oeuvres or finger food that is a little more upscale, for a reception, party or any special occasion, consider these tiny smoked salmon and cucumber bites.

Made exactly bite sized and arranged on a plate, this smoked salmon appetizer presents a lovely picture. The vibrant colors of the fresh cukes, bright pink salmon and snow white cream cheese and the fresh, delicious taste make them a perfect dish to serve at a party when you need something more high end.

When making this dish, it’s important to choose good quality products, because the ingredients are so few and they are all served as they are, basically. I’d recommend using small crispy cukes that are often used to make pickles. They add a lovely crunch to the bites and they will also hold out fresh for a long time.

Also it’s best not to take low fat cream cheese because it’s too thin to hold a whipped shape. Freshly ground pepper and a tiny sprig of fresh dill complete the picture very well. If you can, roll the salmon bits into a little roll, but placing a small piece on top of the cuke works just as well.

If you wish to add a something a little solid, put this entire thing on crackers. You can also top them with capers instead of dill.

Just follow  the simple instructions below and after you’re done, watch these bites to be the first thing to disappear off your table! Have fun.