I love rye bread, I’m a huge fan of it. It’s not very popular around here, so each great ry bread recipe I find is something I treasure. So, I’ve been searching for a nice pumpernickel bread combo for ages and after trying it a few recipes, I think I’ve come up with the one that works for me.

Pumpernickel bread is made with rye flour and sourdough base. The rye flour used should be coarse, and a few active agents are added to help the dough rise. This bread is slightly sweet and has an intense flavor that goes extremely well with various savory sandwiches. 

So, like I said, rye flour doesn’t rise well on its own and it needs help. For this bread, we will use a mix of flours, apart from rye, and additional wheat gluten. This way, even if you use very coarse rye flour, the bread will rise very well and will turn out just the right level of crumbliness.

I usually bake this bread in a loaf shape because what I mostly use it for is sandwiches. I love having this bread with cream cheese spread and cucumbers, with cheese and greens, with smoked or cured salmon and arugula, with sun dried tomatoes and avocado. 

When I feel really fancy, I use it to make small sandwiches or canapes for parties, and they are always a hit.  

Intrigued yet? Follow the steps below to create this wonderful bread, and I hope you enjoy it!