Okay, I’m a sucker for  food that is creatively served. When I think of some of my favorite restaurants or just places where I’ve been impressed the most foodwise, I realize that there’s one thing they all have in common. They offer a great creative approach to serving. 

Bread bowls are actually very, very old, dating back to antiquity. Back then they weren’t a fancy way of serving, but a necessity, because plates were in shortage, so bread was used to hold meat, stews and what not. It was especially widely used in various military campagnes. 

Imagine dragging around that much kitchenware! So, bread bowls were used even back then. Nowadays they are most certainly a bit of a twist to an otherwise common dish, such as a salad, a stew or a main course. Nevertheless, you can enjoy both the dish itself and a piece of great bread and it’s most certainly not boring.

The making process doesn’t really differ from any regular bread baking. You form the buns, you bake them and then you remove the ‘lid’ and a bit of dough from the inside to make space for the dish you want to serve in a bread bowl. No need to throw the inside bread away! You can use it for things like meatloaf, or making your own bread crumbs.

Just follow the simple instructions below to make those original bread bowls and good luck with this recipe!