Italian clear soups often feature pasta as one of the main ingredients. This pasta fazool soup is a combination of vegetables, chicken stock and some traditional Italian products such as pancetta, cannellini beans and ditalini pasta.

This soup is both hearty and light and flavor-wise, it’s a wonderful combo. The slightly smoked note of pancetta, the freshness of veggies, the beans and the pasta create a great dish altogether.

The recipe calls for a specific kind of pasta, but truth be told, you can use pretty much any pasta that is small enough. 

Make sure you don’t overcook your pasta, and this is especially important when it comes to soups, because even after you take the soup off the heat, the pasta remains in a liquid environment and will keep absorbing the moisture, which means, it will soften. If it’s initially well-done past al dente, it may simply sog.

This soup is best served with grated cheese and a good hefty chunk of crusty bread so that you can mop up the savory broth when you’re done with it. It also keeps well in the fridge, but keep in mind that the pasta will sog a little.

I hope you enjoy this recipe. Just follow the simple steps below to cook this lovely soup for your lunch!