With my super picky six years old around I am always on a look out for healthy, nutritious recipes that are also kid friendly and of coarse delicious. These chicken meatballs perfectly fit the bill. Made with lean ground chicken, whole wheat panko breadcrumbs, parmesan cheese and aromatic Italian spices they are filling, wholesome and extremely flavorful. There is a couple of special ingredients in there that really amp up the flavors and turn this simple dish into a true culinary delight.

These midweek wonder meatballs are packed with Italian inspired flavors and are super easy to make. They even have spinach hidden inside them to add more vegetables to your diet. What a delicious way to hide the veggies, spinach also adds a fun pop of green color and aids in keeping the meatballs moist.

The secret ingredients is tomato paste. It really adds deep, rich flavor to the meatballs. I also mix it with olive oil and spread it over the meatballs for even more multidimensional flavor. Tomato paste is my secret weapon to the best tasting chicken meatballs out there.

You are of coarse are welcome to add them to your favorite tomato sauce but they are really so good, you can serve them by themselves. My daughter loves them. Chicken is milder tasting then beef and carries out all the rest of the flavors beautifully. Follow the simple instructions bellow for the chicken meatballs.