This traditional Sicilian dish is served for various holidays as a starter, a snack or a party dish. It’s basically a very simple bread roll, stuffed with sausage and sauteed onions, but the result is absolutely delicious.

I love Italian style bread recipes because they use so few ingredients and the result is so delicious. You only use olive oil, flour, salt, sugar water and yeast for the dough, and you can easily skip the sugar. The bread itself tastes smooth and neutral and it brings out all the flavors and herbs in the sausage perfectly.

You can use any kind of Italian sausage you prefer, just make sure you remove the wrapping. It’s best to use sausage instead of ground meat, because the sausage is already perfectly spiced and a right amount of fat is added so you don’t have to worry about your filling being too dry.

One secret about Italian bread is using very high quality extra virgin olive oil and secret number two is kneading it well. Once these two rules are observed, you will have a super elastic bread that forms a delicious crust while being very soft and bubbly on the inside. 

If you want a vegetarian version of this bread, using a mixture of veggies and ricotta or cheese and olives is a great idea. I also recommend not to use an egg wash, because this way, your bread will form a lovely dry crust. 

Just follow the simple steps below to bake this awesome dish and I hope you enjoy this recipe!