Potato salad is something I’m looking for at any buffet, particularly, when I’m staying at a hotel during vacation. I just love it and it’s seriously hard to spoil it, so it’s basically a safe food to eat when out. But nothing beats homemade red potato salad.

Potatoes go excellent with a creamy mayo and dijon dressing. They release some of their mushy texture into the dressing, and absorb some. The celery adds a lovely crisp and the fresh herbs create an unforgettable aroma and flavor. 

This recipe is very traditional and I’m having it from a chef in a restaurant I worked at in the summer when in college. The restaurant was known for its awesome hearty traditional food and this recipe was a high pinnacle of it in my books. I’d always have it for lunch, so the chef shared it at the end of the season.

I’ve made very little tweaking to it, particularly, added dill, the original recipe only had parsley and they made their own mayo. You can use your favorite brand of store-bought, but I’ve also tried making it with my own mayo, and the taste is simply out of this world.

I would also recommend using range eggs for this, those that are big and the yolks are bright yellow. They made this salad just so decorative as well as delicious. If you don’t have a Creole seasoning, use a combo of onion and garlic powder with paprika, a mix of peppers (black, white and cayenne, just a dash)  and a bit of dried basil and thyme. Other than that, just follow the steps below.