Potatoes are my favorite base to make casserole with. I know a lot of people prefer pasta casseroles, and I do like pasta casseroles as well, but for me, nothing can beat a combo of melt-in-your-mouth potatoes, lots of cheese, veggies, some kind of cold-cut meat and creamy sauce.

This ham and potato casserole is perfect in many ways. Its golden cheese crust is deliciously crispy and on the inside, it’s tender and full of creamy flavors.

The one thing that makes this casserole special is the sauce. I suppose we could call it a homemade twist on the traditional bechamel sauce. I add a ton of cheddar or mozzarella or the mix of both to it to make it extra cheesy and thick.

The rest is pretty simple. You mix – or layer all the ingredients in a deep baking dish, pour in the sauce, sprinkle some extra cheese and bake it. If you wish to bake things faster, I’d recommend boiling your potatoes first, or at least boiling them to a point where they are a little softened and can be peeled easily. However, thinly diced potatoes will still cook pretty fast.

Other than that, just follow the simple instructions below. If you wish to get a little creative with the ingredients, stuff that works great in this recipe is sweet corn kernels, diced carrots, brussels sprouts and smallish broccoli or cauliflower florets. Have fun!