When I first started blogging about cooking, I realized that one direction I can go is sticking to regular homemade kind of recipes, but another is expanding on it, using tools which are easily accessed and don’t cost much, but can bring a ton of variety to your menu.

Some of those utensils are those solid tools created to make your life easier, like Instant Pot, a waffle griddle or a slow cooker. Others are fancier, but boy, such a source of joy they are. For example, a pasta spiralizer I used to create these sweet potato noodles.

You simply wouldn’t believe the things you can make noodles from. Before I tried it, I was sticking for regular egg noodles, wheat pasta or maybe soba and other kind of noodles you can buy at your local grocery store for years. But noodles can be made of so many products, for instant, veggies.

Kids love pasta, so packing it chock full of nutrients and veggies they may not want to eat otherwise is simply a great idea. These sweet potato noodles are made in a spiralizer within minutes, then boiled and served with a delicious avocado sauce and a variety of seeds.

Another thing you can use to make noodles out of sweet potatoes is julienne vegetable peeler, they will also be spaghetti-like, but without a curl to them. The process is pretty quick as well. This recipe is vegan, if you skip the cheese and it’s paleo-friendly, so if you’re on paleo, you can add it to your menu roster. I hope you enjoy it! Just follow the simple instructions below.