If you’ve got leftover boiled potatoes and you’re wrecking you brain about what to do with them, here’s a great breakfast option.

This potato hash is very quick to do, takes only a few ingredients and will be a fine addition to a large Sunday breakfast of brunch. Served with eggs, pancakes, sausage and other breakfast staples, it’s irresistible.

Alternatively, if you want hash for breakfast, you can boil potatoes real quick if you peel and chop them previously. Will only take a few minutes. The rest is just giving everything a good stir fry in a skillet.

>There are several variations you can introduce to this recipe. Onions can be swapped for scallions, leeks or green onions. Dices carrots or frozen peas will be excellent in this dish. If you don’t have ham on hand, bacon or sausage will do just as well. So will ground beef or pork, just add a little more spice for flavor, such as paprika, dried garlic, herbs and pepper or any regular spice mix.

Adding a bit of fresh finely chopped greens is also a great ides. The hash will look very fresh and tempting and the greens will bring out a lot of flavor.

I hope you enjoy this recipe and try making it a part of your breakfast!