Curry is traditionally associated with meat or chicken. But how about a vegan curry? The flavor is just as wholesome, except you’ll be having potatoes.

Potatoes go extremely well with any intense flavor sauce. They are spongy enough to absorb the flavors and provide an excellent base for anything, starting with gravies and ending with curry.

This potato curry recipe is chock full of traditional curry flavors, it’s easy to cook and it can be cooked either with pantry staples or spices from an Indian store. For instance, cumin could stand in for jeera, tumeric can substitute haldi and mustard can be used instead of rai.

The rest is all about combining the ingredients all together, adding the spices at their appropriate time and letting everything simmer so that the flavors blend in well.

You can serve this potato curry with rice, like you’d do with a meat curry, but the fact is, it’s pretty good on its own. It’s also pretty friendly when it comes to cooking in instant pot or in a slow cooker, and it’s pretty much fool-proof, it will taste just as good, no matter how you cook it.

This recipe is pretty mild, so if you like your curry hot, you can easily adjust it but adding more chili and maybe a dash of red cayenne pepper, if you like that. I hope you enjoy this vegan curry recipe as much as I do!