I love Amish recipes, they always seem to introduce a lovely twist to the traditional recipes. When you look at it, it’s most of the time just adding a couple of very simple and familiar ingredients, but somehow, when combined with a regular recipe, it just shines.

This Amish recipe features a few additions to a traditional potato salad, such as milk and vinegar, and boiling potatoes in chicken stock, and the result is beyond delicious.

Fresh minced onions offer a bit of crisp and a bite to the recipe, and I think it’s definitely better to use them instead of onion powder if you want a more diverse texture. I also recommend not boiling the potatoes cut, unless you are really pressed for time. When you boil them whole, they become nicely dense and not mushy.

Unless a bit much is what you’re looking for? The extra ‘mush’ gets mixed with the dressing and add flavor and texture to the liquidy stuff. Speaking of the dressing, this recipe offers quite a unique combo, made with mayo, dijon mustard, vinegar, milk and relish. It’s simply unforgettable.

Just follow the instructions below to create this lovely salad. I’m absolutely positive, it will surprize even the most demanding potato salad lovers at your party.