I love that potatoes are so versatile. You can make so many things with them, from salads, to main courses and even desserts. And when it comes to main courses, the diversity is just astounding.

These potato tacos are a great vegetarian dish that can me made in mere minutes with leftovers. A great way to utilize what’s left after your holiday dinner, by the way.

This recipe is pretty basic. You simply mix the mash, the cheese and salt and pepper. but if you wish to bring a bit more flavor and texture, it’s worth spending a bit more time. Chopped peppers, corn, green peas, onions, fresh greens will all make a fine addition to the filling.

You can either add it to the filling and cook it or add the veggies fresh, depending on how you like it better. Served with sour cream, avocado and salsa, those are absolutely delicious.

I also prefer corn tortillas because of their distinct flavor, but wheat tortillas or lavash bread will also do just fine. The easy way to make these tacos vegan is to simply avoid using cheese in in and make sure you didn’t use any milk or cream or regular butter in mashed potatoes.

I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as I do! Just follow the easy steps below.