If you own a waffle griddle, there’s so many opportunities that open for you. I used to think the thing was just an overindulgence, because hey, there are so many great breakfast options I can cook, and if one of us wants waffles desperately enough, we can just eat breakfast out in a waffle place.

Turns out, a waffle griddle expands the breakfast menu immensely, but not only does it do that. My little one wouldn’t eat some of the healthy food if I paid her. But when certain things she wouldn’t otherwise eat are turned to waffles, here she is, munching away. This is the case with these sweet potato waffles.

Sweet potatoes are great as they are, but not a lot of kids actually like them. I think it might be due to a confusion of whether it’s a dessert food or savory food. These sweet potato waffles are definitely of the sweet side, but they are low on calories and carbs and pack quite a bit of nutrients.

If you have leftover baked sweet potatoes from the night before, that’s what you will need to cook this delicious breakfast. If you don’t the fastest way to cook sweet potatoes for the waffles is microwave. It will only take 10-12 minutes for a couple of medium-sized potatoes to cook and you’re good to go. Just follow the easy steps below!

Serve these potatoes with whipped cream, honey and nuts and your kids will lick their plates!