If you’re looking for a way to utilize leftover mashed potatoes after a big holiday dinner or if you’re simply in need of a new way to eat mashed potatoes this recipe is very much for you.

These mashed potatoes, loaded with the flavors of bacon, minced veggies and baked to perfection with cheese and mustard, are simply perfect.

They are very easy and quick to make and will make a fine treat for your kids on boxing day or on a post-holiday night. The cooking method is pretty simple – you fry or saute all the minced ingredients add an egg and flour – they serve as binding agents. Mashed potatoes are very starchy and won’t hold together, especially if they’re chock full of everything else.

You can either fry those puppies in a skillet, or bake them on a sheet pan, I’ve tried both options. The first produce a crispier result, but it also packs more calories.

This recipe calls for bacon and cheddar, but truth be told, getting creative with filling is a grand idea. Try sausage or pepperoni, mozzarella and provolone, any combo of fresh herbs. I even made those with corn kernels and green peas and it was absolutely delicious.

Just follow the simple instructions below to cook these lovely potato cakes and it’s safe to say you’re going to want to make seconds, because they are so good.