The recipe for the white chocolate chip cookies is simple but oh so delicious. The cookies are soft, chewy and filled to the brim with decadent white chocolate chips. A perfect combination of buttery cookies dough and luscious white chocolate. The cookies are perfect for any occasion but I especially love them on a chilly winter night served with hot chocolate or latte. They are a wonderful after dinner treat as well. 

I enjoy everything about the cookies: soft and chewy on the inside, crispy on the outside texture, sweet, luxurious taste with bursts of melty rich white chocolate with every bite. 

And it is so easy to make the cookies. With just a few basic ingredients and simple steps even the inexperienced bakers can whip up the cookies from scratch. The recipe is foolproof and effortless.

I recommend these 3 kitchen items for the best results that will make your baking a total breeze. Parchment paper, stand up mixer and a cookie scoop are extremely useful when it comes down to a perfect cookie. The cookies will not stick to the baking sheet the butter and sugar will be perfectly creamed. All of the cookies will be uniform size and shape for the most esthetically pleasing presentation as well.