This recipe is for delicious danish butter cookies. It is a Christmas staple in our house, the pretty, swirly, buttery treats come in a signature blue tin and are a perfect combination of soft and tender texture and extra-buttery taste. 

I love everything fresh and homemade so I conquered the recipe and made the cookies from scratch. They came out amazing, better then I expected. This recipe is wonderful. Simple, with just 6 basic ingredients it is absolutely effortless and fool proof. So easy to make, it is all about the correct proportions of the ingredient to achieve the ultimate ultra buttery cookie that is soft on the inside and slightly firm on the outside. I have so many wonderful memories about these cookies and they put me into holiday spirit instantly. 

The star of the ingredients is butter so it is really important to use the best European quality butter. The rest of the ingredients are subtle and really let the buttery, creamy taste shine through.

Another very important aspect of the danish butter cookies is their distinctive swirly shape. The characteristic ridged look comes from piping the cookies. And that is the only ever slightly challenging part about the whole recipe. You will need to use a star- shaped piping tip or a cookie press as an alternative. Finally, allow the cookies to cool completely before you eat them, the cookies will continue to set as they cool, so it’s an important piece of achieving that wonderfully tender consistency!

The cookies are simplicity at its best. Harmonious pairing of sugar and European butter is timeless. Cookies are great to fill your holiday cookie gift baggies or for any occasion.