These delicious coconut chocolate haystacks or macaroon cookies require no baking and just a few simple ingredients. They are perfect to make when you are in a hurry or have an unexpected company and need an emergency treat. They also have no flour or nut butters and super kid-friendly. Great for people with nut allergies or gluten free diets.

The cookies are chewy, chocolatey and buttery. Sweet but nothing overwhelming. The main ingredients are rolled oats, shredded coconut and cocoa powder that are set with a boiled mixture of milk, butter and sugar.

Rolled oats that what gives the cookies its wonderful chewy texture so I definitely recommend them over quick oats. It is also very important to boil the sugar, butter and milk for a firm 2 minutes. Boil it more and the cookies will be dry and unpalatable and if you under boil the mixture they will not hold together. So remember 2 minutes is a magic number.

You can also jazz up your chocolate haystack cookies by adding chocolate chips, raising and even m&ms. The cookies are so easy to make especially that you do not even need to fire up the oven to do so. They also stay fresh in a sealed container for up to a week and make perfect on the go snacks.