There’s little better in terms of comfort food than a hot bowl of rich, hearty soup or stew, full of meat, vegetables, flavors and a delicious spice twist.

All these things are true about this Mexican style pork stew. Cooked with beans, sausage, tomatoes, onions and a burst of Mexican spices, this stew is is as scrumptious as they come.

And have I mentioned how easy to cook it is? Well, super easy. If anyone were to write a Kitchen 101 guide, this easy pork stew recipe would absolutely make the beginner recipe list.

Cooked this way, the meat and the veggies release ton of flavors which get mixed with the spices and produce an incredible result.

If you wish to make this soup a little lighter, you can drain the melted meat fat after browning your pulled pork stew. I like to leave it in. It doesn’t really add all that much calorie-wise, but boy, does it make the flavor more intense.

The good thing about this pork shoulder stew is that if you have any leftovers, this stew is probably even better on the next day, after it’s been refrigerated overnight and reheated. The beans are even softer, the flavor more intense and the meat is extra tender.

I hope you have as much fun with this one of the best pork stew recipes as I do!